About Sri Mathaji Ramyananda Bharathi Swamini

Sri Ramyananda Bharathi Swamini is the Peetadheeswari of Sri Sakthi Peetam. Sri Mathaji, as She is fondly called by her devotees is among the brightest disciples of Sri Swamiji. She was born on January 6th, 1987, and is a qualified medical doctor in her poorvaashram. She was initiated into Yogini Deeksha (seerhood) of Coutrallam Peeta tradition in 2012 on Sravana Pournami in Siddha Kshetra, Coutrallam. She received her Sankara traditional seerhood from Paramahamsa Parivrajakaacharya MahamantraSwarupa Jagadguru Courtallam Sankaracharya Sri Sri Sri Siddheswarananda Bharathi Swamiji in 2017 on Radhashtami in the most sacred Varanasi.

Spiritual Initiation

While serving as a doctor, She had a divine calling from Lord KaalaBhairava. She performed rigorous tapas through self-discipline, fasting and meditation in several holy places like Kaasi, Kamakhya, Srisailam, Brindavan, Coutrallam and was blessed with the darshan of deities worshipped in these holy places.

Being a relative of Sri Swamiji in her poorvasram, She has been closely associated with him since her childhood. She is blessed to receive his affection and tutelage in shaping her spiritual life. Since her childhood, her devotion to her divine mother is impeccable. At the early age of 16, She was initiated into the Kaali mantra by Sri Swamiji. With her intense Kaali Mantra sadhana and with Sri Swamiji’s blessings, Goddess Kaali appeared and bestowed her with Moola mantram and Kaali mantra siddhi. She was also graced by Siddhasrama yogis to trace back her previous lives and was guided to attain yoga siddhi.

Mastery over Mantra Shastra

Under the guidance of her guru, Parama Poojya Sri Swamiji, She acquired cosmic vision. She gained profound knowledge in the sciences of

Mantra, Tantra and Yantra from Sri Swamiji and is highly proficient with Mantras. Evoking the mantras gave her unique powers and elevated her to the next spiritual level. Impressed by her authority in Mantra Shastra, Poojya Sri Swamiji conferred her with the title of ‘Mantra Maheshwari’ among all his disciples. Most of the disciples of Sri Swamiji are inspired by her devotion to him.

They describe Sri Mathaji as the ideal student, ideal disciple, and a personification of ascetic embodiment. Through her intense asceticism, She had darshan of many deities including goddess Lalitha Devi, Radha, Krishna, Hanuman, Kaalabhairava, Pratyangira, and many more.

Sri Mathaji has taken upon herself to solve people’s problems, eliminate their sufferings, fulfilling their wishes. She promotes dharmic nature whilst guiding them towards advancing in their spiritual journey with ‘Sakthi Dhyanam’. This is a special divine self-healing meditation technique gifted by Siddhasrama gurus. She has always remained accessible to disciples, regardless of their religion, ethnicity, gender and nationality. Sri Mathaji always maintained a state of perfect equanimity and gave her blessings to all, regardless of how they treated her. Many people believe that She is an incarnation of boundless love and compassion for all beings. Many disciples have experienced her miracles and some of them have witnessed the divine Goddess in her. She is directing her divine energy and powers into empowering women in their Dharmic activities. To uphold the Dharmic energy, She consistently conducts rituals on the national and international levels involving women in large numbers.

Sri Sakthi Peetam— Naree Eva Narayanee

Sri Swamiji established Sri Sakthi Peetam which follows Adi Sankaracharya tradition with the mission, ‘Naree Eva Narayanee’ i.e. woman herself is the goddess. He conferred Sri Mathaji the position of Peetadheeswari of Sri Sakthi Peetam. Carrying forward this mission of the Peetam, Sri Mathaji has been relentlessly working towards the cause of women empowerment while ensuring their physical, psychological, emotional, social and most importantly spiritual well-being. Sri Mathaji established ‘Sri Sakthi Sena’, an exclusive women’s wing to promote this mission. A lot of emphases is also being given to training.

women in the rural and tribal villages on these aspects. Sri Mathaji has authored books on guru and his grace. She has also written many articles on the personality and traits of goddesses, especially on goddess Kaali for several newspaper publications. She has delivered many speeches on topics like the nature of Sri Sakthi, the science of mantra, the glory of Sri Devi, Lalitha sahasranamam and many more spiritual topics. She also runs ‘Sri Sakthi Jyothi’, a spiritual journal with topics mostly centered on women from the ancient Vedic to modern times.

The world record for Suvasini Puja

In keeping with Sri Swamiji’s vision of promoting spirituality and dharmic ideology among Hindu women, Sri Mathaji has been conducting many dharmic activities and religious events across the globe under the guidance of Sri Swamiji and aegis of Sri Sakthi Peetham.

One of the most successful religious rituals conducted was the ’Sahasra Suvasini Puja’ which is the brainchild of Sri Mathaji. The inspiration behind this ritual is the sloka in the ancient Vedic texts, ‘Yatra naryasthu poojyanthe ramanthe tatra devathaah’ meaning wherever women are worshipped, there exist gods and goddesses.

She created a world record for performing Suvasini pooja on March 8th, 2019 involving 8000 women on a single platform. This event was conducted in Vijayawada, the sacred shrine of Goddess KanakaDurga. Later, these poojas were also performed in Visakhapatnam and Eluru in Andhra Pradesh. Soon word spread about the positive vibrations and power of conducting these poojas and rituals, inspiring people to conduct Suvaasini Poojas and many started performing it in other parts of the Nation and around the globe.

By the divine grace of Sri Marakatha Sakthi Kaali Devi (the principal deity of peetam), Sri Sakthi peetam is a magnificent, glorious, supreme, ideal shrine with a noble principle of ‘Naree Eva Naarayanee’. With this mission and under the guidance and tutelage of Sri Mathaji, it is functioning with great honor along with supporting and promoting the empowerment of women and their importance in Hindu culture and society.

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