Our Mission

Our Mission

Sri Sakthi Peetam was established with a divine purpose to celebrate womanhood and to reinstate the role of women in promoting spirituality and dharmic ideology. India, the ancient land of Bharath, is hailed as a seat of culture, heritage and a cradle place of Hinduism. There is spirituality in nature and divinity is celebrated in every form. Womanhood or feminine energy or the divine feminity, is the base of our culture and heritage and is the focal point of Hinduism. Thus, Goddess Sakthi is revered as the powerful force and the source of all things spiritual and divine.

A popular ancient Vedic “Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Remante Tatra Devataah” is the motto of the Peetam. It means “Wherever a woman is honoured, divinity blossoms”. Another saying “Yaa Devi Sarva-Bhutesu Maatru Ruupenna Samsthitha” meaning “Salutations to the Omnipresent Devi, who in all beings is abiding in the form of mother” is the guideline to the Peetam’s Vision. Ours is the only religion in this world where the supreme energy ‘ Sakthi’ is worshipped in feminine form. And also, ours is the greatest religion where every feminine form is worshipped as Sakthi.

Our ancestors respected and regarded women as most important in Hindu Dharma and this reflected in a healthy family and Nation. She is the preserver and follower of the Hindu Dharma and its ideals. Women were hence revered as the divine force or divine energy forming the basis of all things including the nature around us.

In recent times, women lost their respect and dignity, and are facing numerous problems in an unexplainable manner, which makes the divine mother and Bharat Matha dispirited and causing major imbalance around us. Time has come to restore and preserve gender equality, respect, greatness and supremacy of women in the society in all facets including Dharmic aspects. The Peetam hails women on par with the Goddess herself in accordance to “Naaree eva Naaraayanee” meaning Naaree, the Woman and Naaraayanee, the Devi are one. Sri Sakthi Peetam has undertaken the responsibility to uphold the divinity of womanhood by conducting Sthree Poojas worshipping thousands of women as forms of Sakthi on a single platform in India and overseas.

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